Mensura has earned a reputation for its dedication to its clients and its skill in managing every aspect of a transaction. Hear from clients and industry peers about how Mensura was instrumental in understanding their needs and achieving successful outcomes.

“The CEO had been through a prior M&A experience and found the preparation and market process unwieldly. Alex led the negotiations directly in a targeted and strategic manner. We never felt at risk. At each M&A phase, Mensura overcame the roadblocks to close with creative, yet logical solutions. We always felt that we were top of mind. The market was made for the company. I’ve never seen a transaction so well coordinated.”

Sara DeYulio
CodeMettle, LLC, CFO

“Our business was a multi-generational family business with a strong regional customer base and a story to tell. We were private and had little to no understanding of M&A. Furthermore, we had multiple constituencies to satisfy, including employees, shareholders, family members, government, plus our own personal emotions. Throughout the entire experience, we knew we were in expert hands.”

Mike Challoner
Main Industries, Inc., President and CEO

“I have operated PE platforms, sold them, and invested in them through various avenues and experiences. I understand good work and I have worked both on the other side of the table and the same side of the table with Mensura. Their work is excellent in its level of preparation, detail, insights, presentation and trustworthiness. Most importantly, the processes are well-organized and coherent.”

John Brooks
Private Equity Investor, Maritime and other

“I have a long history of experience with large investment banks and it is clear that Mensura stands apart in terms of delivering on its tailored approach. What strikes me is that Alex always put the needs of my company and family first in a remarkably straightforward manner. Listen to the man.”

Chris Vaccari
Leevac Shipyards, LLC

“Our multi-generational family business was (and is) important to us. However, we would never have been able to manage the complexities of a transaction. I do not think there is another firm I would trust after our experience with Mensura.”

Richard Pescinski

“I researched Mensura and called Mr. Graham. He gave me the internship and expressed that the primary motivating factor was to assure that I could see the Mensura M&A business model and learn more. I was brought into client meetings, strategy sessions, and given assignments that were meaningful. At the time, Mensura managed multiple outside parties on what was a $500mm+ transaction to a top investment group. Mr. Graham kept his word and has followed my path, which includes “Bulge Bracket” firms. I can tell you from personal experience that he wants to make a positive and consequential impact on lives, clients or otherwise. Finally, he seeks to grow Mensura and will invest in people with a long-term view.”

Sara Herr
Junior, Georgetown University
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