The Mensura Driven Process

Mensura is a differentiated investment bank guiding our clients through the complexities of M&A market processes with multiple sophisticated parties on the buy-side and sell-side, information demands, perplexing issues, and negotiations, all encountered on the road to a successful conclusion (a “close”).

A Coordinating Force

We provide what the market does not – comprehensive, disciplined, and strategic management of all critical phases of M&A transactional processes, limiting risk and better ensuring a close. We are a Coordinating Force for the array of parties, information demands, and complications that otherwise send a process awry, jeopardizing value and the transaction itself.

building m&a teams

Institutional investors are in the M&A business, engaging top M&A teams. Your business is producing goods and/or services, not M&A. Yet, a successful M&A process is key to unlocking and maximizing the value you have built. This requires a dedicated, expert M&A team, putting you on equal or better footing to institutional buyers/investors. It is not something to leave to disconnected parties. We build complete M&A teams with top M&A professionals covering market diligence, financial diligence, and legal representation. These forces must be coordinated with constant attention to a well-designed M&A strategy.

Tapping Into the Experts – Our Clients

Mensura seeks to develop a deep understanding from the greatest experts on our client-businesses – our clients. The knowledge possessed by owners and operators empowers us to uncover value that is not in black and white template-based approaches.

giving form to substance

Mensura prepares a Comprehensive Information Book (“The Book”). The Book Gives Form to Your Substance, consolidating and organizing multiple sources of information and pre-market diligence into a comprehensive and compelling case for value. Our work here is distinguished from typical high-level memorandums designed for broad auctions.
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Securities transactions are made through Mensura Securities, LLC, a member FINRAand SIPC. Mensura Holdings, LLC is the parent company of Mensura Capital, LLC and Mensura Securities, LLC.