Our Commitment

We uncover, communicate, and realize value that others miss, because we listen and learn from you about the subject you know so well, your business.

We carefully analyze the data and research the market before designing a strategy. In this way we are prepared to communicate the merits and value drivers to buyers and investors. Throughout, we coordinate the professionals and the process, while maintaining a competitive dynamic throughout and until closing.
We tailor the process to the client and determine if a broad, narrow, or targeted process best suits our client’s needs based on the industry, population of buyers or investors, risks, management, and the owners’ personal, financial, and other goals. Regardless, our processes are disciplined and refined.
We manage potential buyers and investors, distributing information only to screened parties for whom we have run thorough diligence checks. We will know the highest-qualified participants before engaging the market.
We empower our clients with top-tier and managed M&A teams that level the playing field with powerful institutional buyers and investors.
We run strategic, coordinated, cohesive, and timed processes to ensure that our clients are in the driver’s seat at all times.
We create transactional structures that best meet our clients goals, rather than waiting for participants to dictate to us.
We assure confidentiality throughout the process.
Alex and Peter sitting in the Mensura Capital offices
Our business is one of work, discipline, skill, knowledge and art employed with the singular goal of maximizing value for our clients.
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Securities transactions are made through Mensura Securities, LLC, a member FINRAand SIPC. Mensura Holdings, LLC is the parent company of Mensura Capital, LLC and Mensura Securities, LLC.