Our Future

Our foundation is built on trust, the earned currency of good business. We know that when Mensura is hired, owners are entrusting us with what may be their life’s work (and legacy). It is an awesome responsibility, which we are proud to meet. Above all other considerations, this is why you are not a commodity and should not be treated like one.

To this end, we plan with clients to define what value proposition they seek and then plot a course for achieving or surpassing their goals. We empower business-owners to build and realize transformational value in an otherwise highly commoditized marketplace.

A Statement of Purpose

We envision extending Mensura’s complete sell-side approach across industries, geographies, and time (generations of clients). Accordingly, we will build Mensura itself into a multi-generational firm, with the goal to expand our market presence and influence by extending the Mensura Advantage enjoyed by our clients to the broader M&A marketplace. We see Mensura as a firm that redefines the investment banking industry by putting business owners on equal negotiation footing with powerful institutional buyers.


To achieve these ends, we will further empower our brand, extend our relationships with top professional diligence and consultancy firms, and strengthen our internal professional ranks with high-quality people. We seek top-performing talent from the universe of talent seeking bigger roles and the opportunity to lead truly consequential lives as partners.
Investing in People at All Stages
Each year, we seek interns from a diversified pool of top-performing students from freshman to juniors in top colleges, as well as graduate programs. We expect that these interns will go out into the marketplace and gain experience in other capacities, likely top private equity firms and large bracket investment banks. Mensura alumni are assets to our business, whether they return to Mensura or use their knowledge and skills at other firms. Interns get executive-level exposure.
Building a Long-Term Career
For top professionals who desire to be part of building and owning a business with purpose, we seek permanent professionals with at least three years of experience in a transactional-focused position with an investment bank, diligence firm, or consultancy firm. Strong analytical and writing skills are essential, as are drive, intuition, instincts, a desire to do more, and the ability to contribute immediately. We want people who see Mensura as a place where they wish to grow their careers.

“I researched Mensura and called Mr. Graham. He gave me the internship and expressed that the primary motivating factor was to assure that I could see the Mensura M&A business model and learn more. I was brought into client meetings, strategy sessions, and given assignments that were meaningful. At the time, Mensura managed multiple outside parties on what was a $500mm+ transaction to a top investment group. Mr. Graham kept his word and has followed my path, which includes “Bulge Bracket” firms. I can tell you from personal experience that he wants to make a positive and consequential impact on lives, clients or otherwise. Finally, he seeks to grow Mensura and will invest in people with a long-term view.”

Sara Herr
Junior, Georgetown University
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Securities transactions are made through Mensura Securities, LLC, a member FINRAand SIPC. Mensura Holdings, LLC is the parent company of Mensura Capital, LLC and Mensura Securities, LLC.