Our Philosophy

Mensura takes its name from a Latin phrase Mensura Sortis, meaning "measured risk." A constant presence in our oversight of all concerns and the risk measurement is what we call “The Human Element.”
Understanding the people is the only way to evaluate the business. Our name reflects a dedication to the premise that transactional success rests on a foundation built from exhaustive preparation and analysis that yield insights, which add value and mitigate risks, all starting and ending with The Human Element.

The Human Element

Mensura-driven processes uncover, gather, develop and consolidate the information necessary for understanding, evaluating, establishing and communicating value to specified investors in a refined market. Complete and accurate information, including an understanding of the Human Element (owners, management and employees) is vital to understanding, establishing and delivering value. Thorough due diligence, combined with a relationship-driven, executive-team approach to business, and our breadth and depth of experience, empowers Mensura to make compelling cases for value, particularly in the case of closely held businesses.
You and your business are not a commodity; do not be treated like one.
We will not press our clients into commoditized broad unrefined, auctions that carry unnecessary risk.
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Securities transactions are made through Mensura Securities, LLC, a member FINRAand SIPC. Mensura Holdings, LLC is the parent company of Mensura Capital, LLC and Mensura Securities, LLC.