Our Market Focus

Our process includes amassing an in-depth knowledge about our clients’ markets, regardless of industry, yielding insights to design strategies for engaging the market and targeting the best buyers and investors. Because of the extensive time and effort we dedicate to each engagement, we focus our constant attention to maritime and related industries across commercial and governmental supply chains, encompassing many of our nation’s most critical industries.

A Statement of Purpose

A Mensura-driven process is a powerful one regardless of the market because its innate discipline and completeness is one that elevates success in the realm of M&A. We close negotiated transactions and transform lives. By the marrying of our process with a focus on maritime industries, we further empower our marketplace advantage.

Defining Maritime Industries

We say, broadly, “If it touches the water, we’re interested.” To us, this encompasses a wide range of enterprises directly engaged in or supporting the supply chain that feeds water-borne commercial and governmental activities. Consider:
Maritime industries are fundamental to our existence, affecting everything we touch, eat, and see, while protecting us in national and worldwide commerce and national defense. Maritime industries are found throughout our inland waterways and nation’s coasts, and assure our connection to the world. It has been this way from the earliest times of civilization, defining the success of nations and empires.
Maritime industries and its supply chain are all-encompassing. These include deep-sea merchant fleets, exploration, tugs and barges, port and terminal operations, marinas, logistics, intermodal services, passenger and excursion services, ship operations, shipbuilding and repair, component manufacturing and overhaul, steel fabrication, naval architecture, marine engineering, marine insurance, communications, recreational, technology, and services that are connected across the aforementioned commercial enterprises to national defense.


Industries that are related to and directly interact with maritime industries include those in the supply chain, described above, but also aerospace and defense industries as they directly connect or interact with maritime related industries. A multitude of large national and international corporations exemplify this point.
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