Complete M&A Advisory

Mensura goes beyond what today’s investment banking market provides by delivering comprehensive design and management of M&A transactions – establishing, protecting, and realizing value for middle market enterprises and their owners. Our goal is to make the market, establish value, and minimize transactional risks for our clients.

You are not a commodity;

do not be treated like one.

M&A Advisory

Through our skilled and disciplined approach, we enable entrepreneurs to unlock the transformative value of their enterprises. We do so by establishing value to the market rather than having the market establish the value for us.

We provide what the market otherwise does not — comprehensive management of all critical phases of M&A transactions. For owners of middle-market companies seeking to unlock the value they have built, we consider it essential to manage the M&A process in a disciplined and strategic manner, ensuring owners that they achieve transformational wealth, while limiting transactional risks.

“Mensura takes a tailored approach to client mandates, distinguishing itself from the commoditized, auction approaches that have become the cookie-cutter templates for the investment banking industry today. Alex Graham, his knowledge, the team, the customized strategies, and the deal management provide elegant and risk reducing solutions to the most complex issues facing entrepreneurs seeking to realize transformative value.”

– Larry Rigdon, Marine Executive


We know our clients are experts in their businesses and they will always know more than we do about their enterprises. Therefore, we stick to what we know — comprehensive M&A advisory services. We work closely with our clients in a partnership approach to assure that they are empowered by our transactional approach.

M&A advisory services
Business M&A Advisory Services


  • Marine (Blue Water, Inland, Military)
  • Agriculture (Vertically-Integrated Agricultural Enterprises)


  • Industrial (Manufacturing & Service)
  • Business Services
  • Consumer Products and Foods


You have built a valuable enterprise by knowing your business, inside and out. We have built Mensura by knowing the business of M&A and the marketplace, inside and out. It is an intricate world that demands experience and knowledge of the pitfalls and opportunities that exist when conducting M&A transactions. We do it every day.