“I researched Mensura and called Mr. Graham. He gave me the internship and expressed that the primary motivating factor was to assure that I could see the Mensura M&A business model and learn more. I was brought into client meetings, strategy sessions, and given assignments that were meaningful. At the time, Mensura managed multiple outside parties on what was a $500mm+ transaction to a top investment group. Mr. Graham kept his word and has followed my path, which includes “Bulge Bracket” firms. I can tell you from personal experience that he wants to make a positive and consequential impact on lives, clients or otherwise. Finally, he seeks to grow Mensura and will invest in people with a long-term view.”

Securities transactions are made through Mensura Securities, LLC, a member FINRAand SIPC. Mensura Holdings, LLC is the parent company of Mensura Capital, LLC and Mensura Securities, LLC.