The Mensura Companies
Alex Graham Founder, CEO and President

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Alex has a quarter of a century of investment banking experience, beginning his professional career in 1983 in the accounting industry with the predecessor firms of Deloitte & Touche and PricewatershouseCoopers. After becoming a certified public accountant in 1986, Alex formed Graham Cerisola, Inc. where he built a relationship-driven business that (i) assisted businesses to recover from catastrophic events by evaluating conditions, proposing recovery strategies and obtaining the means for recovery, including debt and equity capital; (ii) negotiated senior and mezzanine debt transactions; (iii) provided consultation for the sale or purchase of businesses; and (iv) arranged strategic mergers of companies, as well as investing in the same transactions.


By building a relationship-driven business, Alex developed a high degree of trust with his clients by seeing them through the most difficult of times, often coordinating multiple professional relationships that interacted with the client businesses. In doing so, Alex developed the “partner approach” to advisory work, wherein an advisory firm aligns its interests with its clients. Alex then extended the partner approach with multi-disciplined skills he has built over his many years of close-up and in-depth work across a broad spectrum of industries—enabling Graham Cerisola, Inc. to create the business analysis model, wherein an enterprise is evaluated from the bottom up in order provide a comprehensive view of the client business through the creation of the Information Book. The comprehensive nature of the Information Book approach was received well by capital providers which, in turn, began the branding of Graham Cerisola, Inc. as a true transactional facilitator, and not a self-interested intermediary. By maintaining a standard of effective communication, Graham Cerisola, Inc., was able to reduce the tension that comes into play in transactional work by leveraging off the personal knowledge gained through the partner approach and marrying that with the enterprise knowledge gained through the business analysis model. In turn, opportunities arose wherein both clients and investors have desired Graham Cerisola, Inc.’s post-transaction participation. This is how Mensura was conceived and, in late 2007, formed with investment capital from a diverse group of individual and institutional investors. Alex has arranged for a variety of debt restructuring, venture capital and other unique transactions, where he served as the coordinating force behind the transactions.


Alex obtained his undergraduate degree in finance at the University of Georgia and his Masters of Industrial Management with concentrations in finance, accounting and economics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He speaks Spanish and French. Alex serves on the board of directors of Lane Southern Orchards, LLC (the largest peach grower in Georgia); Lane Pecans and Vegetables, LLC; Chicago Flameproof and Wood Specialties Corp.; and Offshore Inland Marine and Oilfield Services, Inc.