Institutions that regularly engage in M&A activity, particularly private equity funds and large companies, have well-honed and dedicated, internal mergers and acquisitions departments, as well as other professionals, on call. For these buyers and investors, processes are strategic and coordinated, because the M&A teams are dedicated experts.

If you have built an enterprise with a value of $30 million to $500 million — in many cases, representing your life’s work — you deserve a team dedicated to you, not an assemblage of disconnected professionals or, even worse, professionals that are not experts in M&A.

Therefore, Mensura was created to be a total M&A advisory firm that acts as one with its clients. Having owned businesses, as well as advised entrepreneurial enterprises throughout my career, I am knowledgeable and skilled at the entire spectrum of M&A transactions.

The following are critical to a well-honed M&A effort:

  1.  Understanding that our work has real-life consequences.
  2.  Assisting clients in assembling and managing the best M&A teams.
  3.  Creating thorough and compelling presentations.
  4.  Assuring comprehensive diligence before a market presentation.
  5.  Seeing the transaction through to close.
  6.  Not wasting time. Time kills.
  7.  Maintaining constant contact with clients.

Mensura-driven M&A processes make the market, establish value, and reduce transactional risk for its clients versus having the market make them into a commodity. Our process is a serious and rigorous undertaking that is both strategic and complete. We start by acquiring a thorough understanding of your business, so that we are empowered to “give form to the substance” of your business in a comprehensive information book, which lays out all of the critical considerations surrounding the enterprise. We immerse ourselves in, and coordinate with, all aspects of due diligence before engaging in the market, including strategic and market analysis, financial analysis, asset review, value drivers, and tax considerations.

We create deal structures that are client-driven to meet the financial, human, and legacy needs of the owners. We are a coordinating force, assuring a close.

Finally, we make the market and establish value, creating transformative wealth realization opportunities for our clients.


M&A Process

-Alex Graham, Founder