Business Advisory Services

Form to Substance

Mensura develops a deep understanding of our clients’ enterprises to uncover value and convincingly communicate their valuable substance to the marketplace. We call this “Giving Form to Substance.”

The Information Book

The Information Book presents loosely connected pieces of information into a comprehensive, clear view of all the critical considerations of the subject business, providing business owners have the ability to gain greater perspective on their business as well as make a solid case for the valuation of their organization.

The Information Book gives form to your substance, providing you with a comprehensive view and analysis of your business while communicating value to partners, bankers, investors, and the marketplace.

Strategic Planning

Mensura offers a systematic methodology for uncovering and evaluating the variables that impact a business’ operations within its current environment and potentially impacting its future success. Our goal is to work with you to define a strategy or direction for the organization, and make decisions about allocating resources needed to pursue the strategy. The strategic planning process begins with asking questions and listening.

We identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the business, and how they may be utilized of addressed. The end-result is a plan that provides a clear understanding of (i) the current situation and how it came about; (ii) the goals of the owners and managers (reaching an ideal state); and (iii) the path to reach the defined goals.


We employ detailed asset and enterprise valuation models, practical experience, and the knowledge of the business owner to provide comprehensive, timely, and cost-effective valuations, uncovering hidden value that eludes traditional modeling.

There is a difference between internal value and fair market value. The internal value of a private business is its worth to the owner, wherein considerations include asset market values, current cash flow, future cash flow, personal fulfillment, pride, family, and a host of other considerations. The fair market value is not only what strategic and financial buyers are willing to pay, but also the unique value that each potential buyer brings to the transaction.

Fairness Opinions

Mensura will provide a fairness opinion, which is an independent objective analysis from a financial point of view, as to the fairness of the financial terms of a transaction.

“Mensura is one of the most connected investment banks in the U.S. maritime industry, regardless of size. I have worked with Alex Graham on both sides of M&A transactions: he is extremely competent and tireless in fully representing the best interest of his clients.”

– Francesco Valente, CEO, QuarterDeck Advisors, LLC