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Our Principle and Your Partner

Taking a partner approach to investment banking, the scope of our investment banking services includes:


Mergers & Acquisitions

Debt and Equity Securities Offerings


Whether you seek to raise capital, sell your business, or buy or merge with another business, we bring the partner approach to investment banking, one that is founded on developing a valued relationship first; and building from there.


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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mensura is a value-added representative with an investment banking team that has successfully executed transactions for public and private companies across a host of industries. We fully engage our clients in dialog to understand their objectives, and conduct extensive due diligence and financial analysis on the front end, building a solid foundation for ensuring an optimal outcome for our clients.


Mensura has ongoing relationships with hundreds of highly reputable strategic buyers, private equity firms, and mezzanine and senior lenders, providing us with deep and timely knowledge of the capital markets. Furthermore, our extensive relationships and proprietary network of investors enable us to develop a thoughtful list of potential buyers/investors and glean valuable market insights even before bringing a transaction to market. As an independent firm, we avoid conflicts and pressure to share information with unqualified parties, communicating only with qualified interested parties that will treat potential transactions with the utmost confidentiality.


Mensura’s professionals are skilled at conducting a tightly controlled and coordinated process, while maintaining the flexibility to shift tactics when appropriate. As such, we maintain a competitive dynamic at all stages of the transaction, while simultaneously managing unforeseen events and changing conditions. Furthermore, we understand that value can be found or lost in terms and structure that are not readily apparent in a top-line offer. Mensura serves as a client advocate at every juncture in the transaction, limiting our clients’ post-closing liability and, as appropriate, positioning our clients to benefit from the upside generated by their business going forward.


For acquisitive clients, Mensura deploys the same commitment, skills and attention to uncover value by researching and identifying targets, qualifying their suitability as compelling targets, valuing targets, arranging appropriate acquisition financing and completing transactions that will create long-term value. We also maintain an extensive network of sources that identify potential acquisition targets.


In summary, we uncover, communicate, and realize value that others miss, because we are committed to:

  • Listening and learning from you
  • Analyzing the data and researching the market
  • Communicating investment merits to buyers, sellers and investors
  • Coordinating the professionals and the process
  • Maintaining confidentiality and a competitive process through closing

Our business is one of work, discipline, skill, knowledge and art employed with the singular goal of maximizing value for our clients.


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Debt and Equity Securities Offerings

For clients requiring debt or equity placements, our long standing relationships within the capital markets offer unique access to multiple sources of capital, which is critical in today’s challenging capital markets environment. Mensura offers specialized investment banking services for privately held emerging and middle market companies by acting as the distribution agent in private debt and equity securities offerings. Mensura Securities, LLC is a FINRA-member broker and is able to offer securities in private placements in all 50 states. (http://www.finra.org/)


Our private placement memorandum (PPM) development process ensures the legality, quality, and effectiveness of private capital placement efforts. As opposed to most sell-side engagements, where the marketplace sets the terms through negotiation; in the case of a private placement, we work with our clients in setting the offering terms. The process includes the following steps:


  1. Delve Into the Business and Analyze - We delve into the business to understand the owner’s and management’s mission, how the business operates, the opportunities and challenges, and the strategic plan. Based on this understanding, we analyze the financial condition of the business to evaluate how to address the strategic plans and goals.

  2. Determine the Amount to Raise and Set the Terms - We determine the minimum and maximum amount of capital that should be raised. Then, we evaluate the best security structure to offer, such as preferred stock, common stock, debenture notes or a combination of these instruments. Mensura’s professionals are highly skilled at pairing the capital needs of the business with the right investment vehicle.

  3. Creating the Document and Materials - We draft the confidential offering memorandum, refine, package and finalize the document. We also develop investor marketing materials.

  4. Coordinating the Process to Close - We coordinate all regulatory filings (SEC Form D, all appropriate state-by-state Blue Sky filings) and other legal requirements. Finally, we close.


We leverage our knowledge of the marketplace and extensive contacts to conduct a process that maximizes our clients’ chances of raising the capital they need.


Capitalism thrives when money (capital) is put to work; requiring  entrepreneurs to invest in creating thriving businesses; and  requiring investors to invest in those entrepreneurs. Mensura  seeks to make a direct capital connection between entrepreneurs  and investors.


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