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 Adding Value, Reducing Risk

Mensura takes its name from the Latin phrase Mensura Sortis, which translates into “measured risk.” Our name reflects a steadfast dedication to the premise that transactional success is built on a fundamental understanding of your business, its opportunities and risks—as well as the principle that our method of exhaustive preparation and analysis yields insights that add value and mitigate risks.


Mensura uncovers, gathers, develops and consolidates the information necessary for understanding, evaluating, establishing and communicating value to the marketplace. Complete and accurate information, including an understanding of the human element (owners, management and employees) is vital to understanding and establishing value. Thorough due diligence, combined with a relationship-driven, partner approach to business and experience provide Mensura with the tools to build a compelling case for value, particularly with regard to closely held businesses.


Mensura provides Investment Banking Services, Business Advisory Services and Merchant Banking Services. We deliver to our clients:


A Coordinating Force
The probability for a successful transaction is enhanced when there is tight control over each participating group—accountants, attorneys and financing sources—and each step in the process: from evaluation to valuation, from preparation to presentation, from proposal to agreement, and from due diligence to closing. We pride ourselves on providing flawless execution and offering an intensive, detailed approach to every transaction. Throughout the process, we (i) carefully screen and research potential buyers/investors and distribute information only to qualified parties, (ii) level the playing field among potential buyers/investors, (iii) run a cohesive, parallel process to ensure that all prospective buyers/investors are positioned to disclose their highest valuation on a timely basis, and (iv) accord the highest priority to maintaining confidentiality throughout the process. Mensura is engaged in the entire transaction and, therefore, may be viewed as a client partner throughout the transaction.


Value Enhancement
We are a constant advocate for our clients, persistently presenting our clients’ strengths and proactively addressing any business or industry-specific issues that need to be addressed. Mensura’s experience and unique perspective lay the foundation for superior business advisory services, including strategic planning and valuations. We give form to substance and provide interested parties, including owners, a comprehensive, clear view of all the critical considerations needed to gain perspective on the business in order to exceed standard industry multiples and uncover unrecognized value.


In addition, our extensive relationships with successful corporate executives, strategic buyers and reputable private equity firms enhance our transaction process through direct access to the most logical buyers/investors that might not otherwise be identified outside of the Mensura process.


Skin in the Game
Mensura has the ability to contribute capital as an investor, co-investor or lender. We seek investment opportunities in companies that will benefit from our unique combination of financial and operational experience.